Goodies I Use & Recommend

Want to know the tools and resources I just can’t live without to run my business?

I use several tools and my list keeps growing. So to keep it simple and easy for you to access, I’m adding a list of tools, apps, software and resources I LOVE and need to function daily to run a successful business!

I hope these tools will help you on your business as it’s helped me.


Currently I’m using BlueHost.  They’ve been good to me and their customer service is amazing.  I have several websites on BlueHost.

What I really like about BlueHost is how easy non techies, like me, can create a website within minutes.  Also, you get a free domain name when you sign up — yay!


WordPress is the most popular blogging system for sure!

It’s so easy to use and customize with tons of free and premium themes you can use to create your website!  My website is on wordpress and I LOVE using it.


Divi is an amazing template that can be customized to meet your needs.  It’s so easy to use with tons of features.  Every time i use Divi I fall in love and enjoy creating my site.  Not only is it a great theme but their blog has tons and tons of information for us non techies to take apply to our site without having to hire a programmer; It’s also great for the more technical because css can be used to really tweak your site to meet any special requirements you or clients need.  Check it out.

Longtail Pro

Long Tail Pro is our #1 go-to resource for all things keyword research!

Long Tail Pro is so easy to use AND you can use it to find keywords that will get your site on the first page of Google and stay there – sounds like a win-win to me!

We also really dig the “set it and forget it” functionality of this tool, meaning you can add your keywords, click the options you want, and go about your day as Long Tail Pro finds all your keywords for you.