Organic & Paid Social Marketing


Kimaaya Rofick helps clients skyrocket sales by using proven digital marketing strategies.

She focuses specifically on clients in the eCommerce world, creating customers for them and freeing up their time to do what they like to do best: working on their business.

Why is Kimaaya an Effective Digital Marketing Strategist?

Kimaaya uniquely approaches digital marketing: as both a creative art and precise science.  She combines both data analytics and customer empathy when she creates high-impact digital marketing campaigns to achieve the most substantial results.

“Digital marketing is a marriage of the two sides of your mind, and that’s where I thrive and get the best results.”

From a scientific perspective, Kimaaya approaches digital marketing through consumer behavior psychology to attract, engage and convert the target audience into loyal customers who are repeat buyers.



Featured Work

Organic Social

Organic Social cultivates your brand’s presence and nurtures relationships with your customers and audiences. Focusing on your organic social media strategy solidifies your brand’s presence where your ideal customers’ hang out and with the right strategy you can nurture and retain existing customers. 

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Paid Social

Paid Social Media Strategy is the key to connecting with new customers, it allows you to:

  • raise brand awareness and attract new followers
  • promote your products to an extensive audience using Social
  • generate leads
  • drive ecommerce sales
  • educates more people on being social responsible and how it ties with your brands’ values

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