Get Valuable Time Back

Entrust your leads with us and  free up precious time so you can do what you LOVE to do — running your business and making an impact!

We’re your fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Save time and money by letting us take care of  your marketing campaigns. We will create a strategy to attract new customers and retain current clients and spread your cause. 

You have . . .


A funnel that converts . . . meaning you've tested your sales funnel and have gotten sales from your online store!



A minimum monthly ad spend of $5K


You're willing and ready to invest a min of $3K a month in services


A Brand ready to scale and grow!

If that is you, then you're in the right place.

We are not cheap, but our services are valuable and will propel your sales to higher levels.  We will work together to generate consistent traffic to your online store as well as convert traffic into sales while quickly scaling your revenue using innovative and cutting-edge Marketing strategies through Paid Social.

Additional Services

We are your one-stop online boutique marketing agency. From Branding, Social Media Management, Funnel Builds, Email Marketing to Website Designs, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our services:

Organic Social Media Management

Our agency will take stress about what to post on social media.  We will research your audience and provide them with content that gets them engaged in increasing your brands like and trust factor.  Kimaaya Media’s goal is to build a long-term relationship with your new and long-time customers who become raving fans of y0ur brand! We are here to help!

"Done With You" Marketing

If you are an ecommerce brand you need some ecommerce marketing strategies to obtain new customers as well as entice old customers to keep coming back to your store. We will work with you to create an ecommerce marketing strategies with actionable steps for someone on your team to implement. We will teach you how to bring in traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers, as well as how to reclaim lost sales. 

Email Marketing

We will help build a series of emails that will build customer relationships and increase repeat purchases.  Our goal is to increase repeat purchases, incentivize and convert add to cart clients and grow your sales.  Increase repeat purchases.  

Working with B Corps and Purpose-Driven Brands to Increase Revenue Month-After-Month + Inspire More Consumers To Vote For The Cause With Their Wallets | 100% Guaranteed*